Sports Complex Ahornstraße

  Sports Complex Ahornstraße from the outside Copyright: © HSZ

The Sports Complex Ahornstraße contains a one-field sports hall measuring 25 x 12.5 meters, the gymnastics room at 80 square meters, an approximately 70 square meter beginners' pool.



Ahornstraße 55
52074 Aachen

Building No. 2351

Opening Hours

The Ahornstraße Sports Hall is only open during course times.


Access to the Ahornstraße Sports Hall

For the duration of the interim program, the Ahornstraße Sports Hall and the Gymnastics Room are the only parts of the Ahornstraße Sports Complex to be open. Access to the Eckertweg Sports Hall is through a revolving door, which can only be passed after prior course registration and with a valid, printed booking confirmation. Access to the sports hall is only permitted before and after each course/training.

For technical reasons, access with a scan of the booking confirmation on a mobile phone is not possible. Please note that access with the booking confirmation is only valid once and expires upon exit of the facility.

The markings for maintenance of the minimum distance of 1.50m must be observed. The immediate entrance area is to be kept clear in case of congestion. Those leaving the sports hall are to be granted right of way. The exact route can be viewed in the attached sketch.

You must bring your own lock if you wish to use a locker.

Register your RWTH BlueCard or FH Card

If you have a RWTH BlueCard or FH card that is registered in the HSZ Service Point, you do not need a printed registration confirmation. Using the card's registered barcode, our system immediately recognizes whether you have a valid booking in your name. Please note: If you have exchanged your card, you must re-register it with the HSZ.


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