Ice Hockey Uni Cup

  five hockey players on the ice Copyright: © HSZ

Once a year the Eissporthalle Tivoli shakes: heated atmosphere and effervescent emotions rip spectators from their chairs. The Ice Hockey Uni Cup is the event of the winter semester! At this cult event student representative councils for mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and medicine compete against each other for the coveted thyssenkrupp trophy for ice hockey.

What? Ice Hockey Uni Cup
for the thyssenkrupp Trophy
Where? Eishalle Tivoli Aachen
When? December 7, 2023
Cost 12 euros
(max. 2 tickets per person)



Service Point


+49 241 8024390



Cult Event

Unique Atmosphere at the 100,5 Arena

Cheerleaders and fans support their team with loud fan chants, drums, waving flags, and giant signs, turning the event into a special athletic experience.
The best cheerleading show is rewarded with an honorary prize from the Freunde und Förderer des Aachener Hochschulsports, FuFAH for short, and is one of the highlights of the annual ice spectacle.

More Than Entertainment

The Ice Hockey Uni Cup doesn't just serve to entertain the approximately 3,000 spectators, but also serves a good cause. Proceeds raised from the event are donated to international and regional projects and organizations. Over the years, the HSZ has worked with many different donor recipients.

Anyone who doesn't want to miss this unique sports event should secure a coveted ticket quickly.

Advance ticket sales

The places where the tickets will be sold, will not be announced this year. The student representatives have come up with something special.

Play Video
a film from Chang Cao

Active on the Ice

Every year the student representative councils look for new teams, who ensure action on the ice and fans' good moods! Anyone interested can sign up as a player or cheerleader via an email to your student representative council:

Electrical Engineering: ET-Lions
Mechanical Engineering:

Conditions: Hockey players are not allowed to have played on an ice or street hockey team before. There are no restrictions for the cheerleaders. All participants must belong to their student representative council, meaning they must study an electrical engineering, medical, or mechanical engineering subject.

Bus Shuttle Service

There is a shuttle service to the Eishalle departing from the Aachen Bushof. At the end of the event the buses will drive spectators from the Eishalle back to Bushof. The shuttle service is accesible only for the spectators.


The Ice Hockey Uni Cup for the thyssenkrupp Trophy is held at 100,5 Arena.


There are no cancellations possible.


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Insurance Protection

Unlike the other University Sports offers, there is no additional insurance coverage when participating in this event. We strongly recommend acquiring your own insurance protection.

Photographs and Film Recordings

The RWTH Aachen University Sports Center reserves the right to take photographs and make film recordings during the event for its own publicity and information purposes. By signing up for or purchasing admission to the event, participants agree to this use. Due to administrative reasons, those who object to this must raise their objection with the by email within one week of the end of the event.

Lost and Found

Lost items that are found and handed in at the Ice Hockey Uni-Cup will be stored, like all other lost items, in the sports supervisors office by the stadium of the Königshügel sports facilities.


Impressions of Ice Hockey Uni Cup